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The ECO-Schools Programme is a certification programme under the leadership of the ECO-Schools Committee. It guides student action teams within schools on their journey towards sustainability by providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life. It offers flexibility, allows creativity and encourages innovation on how the school plans to transform itself into becoming an eco-friendly institution.... and you can play an important part in this process.

  1. Does your children or children in your Company / Group attend an ECO-School Programme participating school?
  2. Does your Company / Group have special technical expertise which could assist in an ECO-School project?
  3. Does your Company / Group have the capacity to provide equipments or other related materials that can be contributed for the completion of an ECO-School project?
  4. Is an ECO-School Programme participating school nearby your Company / Group location?

Then, you may qualify to be an ECO-School(s) partner for the ECO-Schools Programme participating schools.

This website will provide a convenient way whereby you can view potential environmental school projects of interest from the comfort of your offices and then choose if and how you would like to be involved.

For more information on the ECO-Schools Programme, click on “Process”

For more information on becoming an ECO-School(s) Partner, click on “What is the ECO-Schools Partner Programme?”

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