Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Benefits of the ECO-Schools Programme

From the Private Sector's perspective, ECO-Schools Programme provides real benefits:

  • Early-talent recognition - You will be dealing with bright and motivated students. Although some will be too young to consider in the near term, however, you will be able to develop unique insights on potential employees who you can inspire and guide towards your industry.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Many firms struggle to find projects which they feel that will fit their profile. However, the ECO-Schools Programme encourages innovation, so the range of projects on offer, will give plenty of choices for involvement.
  • Lessons learnt - Participating schools will encounter the same challenges as what you have undergone in your respective institutions. They could find solutions to common problems which can be translated into cost saving initiatives in your own institutions as well as saving the environment. A win-win--win scenario, so to speak!
  • Recognition - Everyone will be recognized as a proactive supporter of the environment.
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