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Do you want to be an ECO-School Programme participating school(s) Partner?

The ECO-Schools Committee recognizes the potential for the Private Sector to extend a helping hand to various schools in Qatar on their quest to save the environment. These schools will eventually face challenges along the way which could be supported with your fields of expertise, providing valuable advice to make their projects a success.

The website was designed to facilitate you, from the comfort of your own offices, to view all the projects planned by ECO-Schools Programme participating schools and to let you decide which school project you would like to support.

Private Sector Companies / Groups are able to participate in two separate strategic functions:

  1. As an ECO-Schools Partner: Adhoc technical guidance/assistance to schools and/or potential financial support to schools in implementing individual projects.
  2. As an ECO-Schools Partner: Funding and/or supporting in-kind contributions to be utilized for the sole purpose of the ECO-Schools initiative.

Interested Private Sector Companies / Groups will be evaluated by the ECO-Schools Committee based on your potential to provide a relevant contribution/s to the ECO-Schools projects and your inquiries will be managed accordingly. The ECO-Schools Committee will facilitate the partnership for all schools to ensure that schools will get the necessary required support.

In return for your support, we offer you the following:

  • Your Logo will be displayed in the ECO-Schools website as contributor/s to the ECO-Schools’ projects
  • In addition, an ECO-School Badge will be issued by the ECO-Schools Committee which can be displayed in your website that recognizes your company/institution as an active supporter of the ECO-Schools Programme

In case you are interested to provide support and assistance to the school projects of your choice, or for any comments or suggestions, please let us know through our Contact Us page.

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