Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Every little support counts…

ECO-Schools Programme is currently made up of special volunteers under Doha Bank and UNESCO's guidance, however considering the requirements of schools in Qatar, we require your assistance which may be in the form:

  • Venue - places to meet, train and support all the teachers that will need guidance on how to help their students not only dream of change, but to bring it about as well.
  • Resource Speakers - to help the students be inspired, know the reasons and find the ways to make proactive changes in the environment
  • Awareness Campaigns - to spread the word to everyone to help through articles, blogs, tweets, drama, TV, t-shirts, balloons, basically anything that can be utilized to spread the message

It doesn't take much, and it doesn't have to be big and expensive, you can even do it from home (writing articles/how to's/finding links/making graphics/etc...).

It won't be easy and nothing worth while ever is, but together we can make a difference that we can all be proud of, for our children and the next generations to come. If you are interested, please Contact Us.

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