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Photo Gallery - 2020


  ECO-Schools Programme Awarding Ceremony - 2020 (for completed projects in 2019) - 07/03/2020   

  Waste Management category - Birla Public School - ‘Reducing Food Wastage (SDG No. 2 & 12) ’ project   

  Waste Management category - Pakistan International School Qatar - ‘Old Tyre New Life’ project   

  Water Management category - Al-Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent School - ‘Save me a drop, my life won't stop’ project   

  Waste Management - Shantiniketan Indian School - ‘Waste Management’ project   

  Energy Saving category - Gheras International School - ‘GIS Energy Savers’ project   

  Energy Saving category - Rajagiri Public School - ‘Save the Energy’ project   

  Waste Management category - DPS-Modern Indian School - ‘DPS MIS Waste Management’ project   

  Water Management category - Olive International School - ‘Let’s all do our share to save water with care’ project   

  Water Management category - Doha Modern Indian School - ‘Save Water Save Life’ project   

  Environmental Health category - Philippine International School Qatar (Elementary) - ‘Urban Garden in PISQ ’ project   

  Environmental Health category - Philippine International School Qatar (High School) - ‘Green Wall@ PISQ’ project   

  Waste Management category - Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha - ‘Reduce, Recycle & Reuse - The way to the future’ project   

  Waste Management category - Qatar Turkish School – ‘Best Out of Waste’ project   



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