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Photo Gallery - 2016


  ECO-Schools Programme Awarding Ceremony - 2016 (for 2015 completed projects) - 04/06/2016   

  Environmental Health category - Al Tamakon for Comprehensive Education - 'Create Bio-System' project   

  Energy Saving category - Al Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent Preparatory School - 'Save Lights for Dark Nights' project   

  Energy Saving category - Pakistan Education Centre - 'Save the Energy' project   

  Energy Saving category - Philippine International School Qatar (High School) - 'Energy Saving' project   

  Energy Saving category - Birla Public School - 'Energy Saved is Energy Produced' project   

  Water Management category - Philippine School Doha - 'Water and Plastic Bottle Waste Management' project   

  Water Management category - Philippine International School Qatar (Elementary) - 'Water Management' project   

  Waste Management category - Shantiniketan Indian School - 'Best Out of Waste' project   

  1st Al Faisal Social Responsibility Center Conference (2016) at the Qatar National Convention Centre   

  Doha Bank’s Irrigation System project and Tree Planting event at Dukhan - 2016  

  Doha Bank’s Beach Clean-up activity with MME at Al Wakra Beach - 2016  



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