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Doha Bank’s Tree Planting activity at Dukhan


Doha Bank proactively supports the environment on its Tree Planting activity held at Dukhan on 30th November 2013 with a theme, “Plant More Trees, For a Greener Future (Plant A Tree, Create A Hope)” to further strengthen the Bank’s dedication to save the environment.

This green initiative aims to have a long lasting positive impact to the environment; along with it promoting the green culture as part of Doha Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Leadership from amongst the staff to take a stand to become environmental advocates is being encouraged in the institution and staff from various departments and branches participated in the activity for the noble cause.

Dr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO said, “In line with propagating the green culture, shifting the staff’s mindset on how they care for the environment is the key to promote eco-consciousness from within the organization towards the society. This tree planting drive will further promote awareness and cooperation amongst Doha Bank staff with the same vision to save the environment.”

“In terms of Doha Bank operations, we are pushing into Paperless Banking by automating systems process in order to reduce paper usage and paper wastage thereby saving trees in the process. Doha Bank ATMs remind customers of saving trees by reducing the printing of paper receipts and a dedicated Doha Green Bank website to keep customers in touch of recent green events by Doha Bank. Furthermore, Tree Planting is also one of the pillars of our ECO-Schools Programme under the Environmental Health category whereby extending the Bank’s mission and vision to schools in Qatar to educate the school children on the importance of the environment,” Dr. R. Seetharaman added.

The Green Banking Task Force Committee along with the staffs joined hands in planting trees at Dukhan Garden project to improve the landscape and increase awareness on the importance of trees.

Tree planting is just one amongst the many green initiatives done by Doha Bank; which includes the ECO-Schools Programme, Beach Clean-up campaign, promoting Green Accounts, Go Green Credit Cards, Online Banking services, power-saving systems and more to mention. At Doha Bank, preserving and conserving the natural resources makes a difference.

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