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Doha Bank & Ministry of Environment organizes the Beach Clean-up Campaign 2011

The Beach Clean-up Campaign 2011 organized by Doha Bank in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Al Wakra Municipality was held at Al Wakra Beach on 19th February 2011.

The theme “Saving the Beaches Today, for the Children of Tomorrow” is in line with the Green Banking initiatives of Doha Bank to promote eco-consciousness to further instill the value of social responsibility and green culture within the organization by having full-participation from staff to act as environmental advocates for the green cause.

The Campaign was led by Doha Bank’s Green Banking Task Force Committee, the Planet Savers Club comprised of in-house staff volunteers and MOE officials who proactively showed its commitment and support to the environment by removing rubbish and other waste materials from the beaches.

The event was organized to support Doha Bank’s primary objective on its drive towards a clean and green environment and to create awareness on staff’s social and environmental responsibility.

Mr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO said that, “Doha Bank & MOE ultimate goal is to “Adopt-a-Beach” to maintain its cleanliness on periodic basis. The beach clean-up event aims to preserve and maintain the present condition of beaches for the children of tomorrow. Participants were organized into teams to clear the beaches of all rubbish and given orientation on the importance of preserving and conserving nature to make a difference for our local beaches.”

“The Municipality of Al Wakra was also very cooperative by allowing Doha Bank to clean-up a designated beach area to help preserve our coastal resources. The 3 R’s concept was integrated into Doha Bank’s daily operations to combat waste through reducing, reusing & recycling initiatives,” Mr. Seetharaman added.

Mr. Louis Scotto, Doha Bank Head of Retail Banking said, “Doha Bank Branches and HO Departments were encouraged to practice energy efficiency in their respective premises by conserving water and proper waste disposal among others to promote the green culture and shift the staff’s mindset to be environmentally responsible individuals.”

The Ministry of Environment said, “As an environment-driven institution, we are proud to give license to Doha Bank for this beach clean-up campaign due to its unwavering support towards the environment whereby extending its efforts and commitment to remove marine debris, trash, litter, plastics and other waste materials which damages the ocean, wildlife and coastal ecosystems. The beaches are important part of the global ecosystem where man and nature co-exist.”

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