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UNESCO and DOHA BANK looking for opportunity to work together in Greening the Environment

Doha Bank Green Banking Team lead by Mr. R. Seetharaman, CEO Doha Bank and UNESCO team lead by Dr. Benno Boer, Ecological Advisor - Arab Region had a meeting on proactive approach in greening the environment. Doha Bank and UNESCO shared valuable knowledge on various fields of natural sciences and sustainable development at Doha Bank Headquarters on the 30th March 2009.

Mr. Seetharaman explained Doha Bank's commitment towards the environment that focuses on the social and environmental responsibility of the institution. In this regards, various initiatives were taken by Doha Bank in its dedication for the environmental cause and a series of seminars across the world were conducted on 'Global Warming and Climatic Change - perspective on Corporate and Social responsibility' in Washington and 'Global Warming and Environment Protection' in Singapore, Green Quiz 2007 set the pace for corporate responsibility towards environment in Doha Qatar. Doha Bank also initiated Tree Planting and Beach Clean-up activities in Doha, Qatar.

Dr. Boer, explained on UNESCO's background, functions, activities and platforms on education, sciences and culture. He stressed on the importance of the ecosystems and water in Doha and build capacity into Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage sites, Management of Saline Ecosystems, Use of Saline Water, Recycling, Water Management and Renewable Energy.
UNESCO case studies, research programmes, publications, experiences with the private sectors were shared with Doha Bank. Dr. Boer expressed their interest in long-term partnership with Doha Bank in the best interest of the people and the environment of Qatar.

Mr. Mark Sutcliffe, Environment and Development Specialist Project Manager, elaborated on UNESCO's science sections functions, strengths and means of long term cooperation with a view to Doha Bank's 'GO GREEN' initiative. In addition, he gave insights on waste management, better buildings and Arab recycling initiatives for the Web hub and for public awareness and education.

Doha Bank and UNESCO decided to work together as a Team in various environmental programs by which both institutions can orchestrate together a partnership in greening the environment and actively promote the 'green' culture.



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