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Doha Bank Pioneering Green Banking Initiatives in Qatar


Doha Bank as one of the major sponsors of the Doha Green Conference has shown its dedication and commitment towards greening the environment. This is the first Doha Green Conference in Qatar, held at Moevenpick Towers and Suites which focuses on sustainable buildings, water and renewable energy. It was attended by industry professionals, businessmen, Government, NGOs, private and public sectors.

The Conference also covered Market Transformation towards Sustainability, Setting new Qatar specific sustainable building code, Green Building Case studies, the Importance of Marine Environment for Urban Development, Sustainable Water Management, Renewable Energy and Recycling Strategies.

The two-day event is organized by Sesam Business Consultants in collaboration with the Friends of Environment Centre and UNESCO. Dr. Saif Ali Al Hajri, Chairman of Friends of Environment Centre, Dr. Benno Boer of UNESCO, Mr. Saleh Sourour of the National Commision and Mr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO has attended the event.

Speaking at the Doha Green Conference yesterday, the 9th December 2009, Mr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO, stressed the dangers of climate change currently the world is facing and what can be done to help save the environment by financial institutions and other industries hand in hand with the communities in which they operate. He also stressed the need to drastically reduce the environmental impact we are making in our endeavors through reimagining and redefining them in order to leave a lesser impact.

He further briefed the conference about numerous initiatives Doha Bank has taken in helping save the environment under the Bank’s Green Banking Initiatives. Mr. Seetharaman urged financial institutions to take leadership in help saving the environment and be driven by green values in conducting Banking activities. Banks just as any other business leave a carbon footprint on the environment through consumption of fossil fuel and forest reserves in many of its activities.  Reducing that carbon footprint has to be given a prominence by banks while taking proactive measures to lead our community to follow us in helping the environment, using the unique social standing of a bank.

Doha Bank, as a forward-thinking and socially responsible bank is on the forefront of environmental advocacy against global warming and climate change, local air and water pollution, waste management and loss of biodiversity. The Bank is vision-driven supporting its future activities, progress and expansion with more diverse portfolio by integrating environmental and social considerations into its product design, mission policy and strategies. It supports environmental sustainability and education by reaching out on both the public and private sectors to act together on domestic and global environmental issues, key challenges and sustainable development.

Mr. R. Seetharaman, explaining the groundbreaking initiatives taken by Doha Bank to make its products and processes more efficient highlighted following as key initiatives the Bank has taken in the recent past to be a greener bank that cares for its stakeholders who together will benefit from such green initiatives.

The bank has taken many internal initiatives to

  • Make our processes more streamlined and efficient
  • Reduce our energy consumption by identifying & eliminating potential for waste
  • Reduce our paper usage by avoiding hardcopies in non essential items
  • Increase staff awareness and motivation to be more environment friendly

The bank’s internal efforts are relayed to the community through:

  • Introduction of complete green banking suite for our customers by bringing in Green Deposit products, A Green Credit Card, Online Banking services, E statements and even launched an online trading platform called Doha Souq. Our ATM’s always remind customers of saving trees by reducing the use of paper.
  • Our customers looking to make a positive impact in saving the environment can now take total comfort in banking when they choose Doha Green Banking.
  • A dedicated website to keep our customers abreast of recent green initiatives.

A bank with a wider reach such as Doha Bank is in an excellent position to take the green message across the community to make a lasting impact. Fittingly, Doha bank has been at the forefront when it comes to leading public awareness campaigns.

  • Doha Bank was awarded the Best Green Bank award in 2008 in Middle East by the Banker Magazine.
  • In 2009, we were awarded ‘Best Public Awareness Campaign Green Award’ by Qatar Today.
  • We have used many facets to promote the green cause. From organising awareness seminars, Green marathons, holding Earth cleaning and tree planting campaigns and to educating the next generation of Qatar, we take it to the closest possible using many tools at our disposal.
  • We also strive to reward our customers for going green in various ways.

Mr. R. Seetharaman urged greater support from people, governments and agencies, and private sector in joining hands to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and stressed the need to be responsible corporate citizens.

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