Saturday, August 17, 2019

Doha Bank Launches Education Pack


Unprecedented Support for the future of Qatar

Doha Bank has continuously been an enthusiastic supporter of educational causes. In view of this, Doha Bank launched the new "Education Pack" following the splendid accomplishments of the "Education for a New Era" initiative set by the Qatari Government.

On this occasion R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO said: "With the current list of elite international schools and universities from around the globe present in Doha and an advanced public education system, the unique Education Pack from Doha Bank comes along to service your educational needs. Also, the Education Pack is the best solution to service your internationalpursuit for excellence."

Mr. Seetharaman went on to say: ”By virtue of unique education, you can lead the charge to transform yourselves, your communities and the larger world around you. We believe education has a foundational effect on the mind, character and ability of people and therefore our program supports all the promising potentials with education suites tailored to fulfill the diverse desires of Qataris and Expatriates seeking the best education for their children in Qatar and overseas, and aspiring to pursue higher education for their career developments.”


Whether you are planning for your child’s schooling or university or even looking for your own personal development and higher education, the Education Pack is your ultimate tool for success. The pack respectively comprises the Child Education Plan, Education Loan, Smart Saver and the Al Dana Young Savers Schemes.

On the occasion, Mr. Nabil Tabbara Executive Manager for Retail Banking at Doha Bank said, "The Child Education Insurance Plan is the best investment tool for saving for your child’s education and with a minimal sum of money. It will definitely assist you in ensuring that financial constraints do not become an obstacle for your child’senrollment into the finest educational institutions in Qatar or across the world. As a matter of fact, the scheme actually allows you to invest small sums of money and get the same back with assured returns". He continued: "And for those of you who didn’t get the chance to invest in Doha Bank’s Child Education Plan we have thoughtfully created the Education Loan which can finance your entire children’s entire schooling, with a smart repayment period of 11 months, a grace period of one month and a new loan every year!"

Mr. Tabbara also confirmed that the Education Loan also finances university dues locally and overseas. He said: "Whether you are planning to study in Qatar or overseas, Doha Bank grants youup to QAR 75,000/- for the initial loan and finances your university fees forall the subsequent years. Education should be accessible for all and we at Doha Bank endeavor to make it happen."

Mr. R. Seetharaman Doha Bank Group CEO further said: "We know the value of nurturing good savings habits and therefore have incorporated rewarding saving accounts along with the Education Pack for you and your children. As a matter of fact saving is the best buffer to safeguard you and your family’s future in pursuing the lifestyle you desire."

Mr. Tabbaracontinued: "The Al Dana Young Saver Scheme was founded to help develop your children’s saving habits with continuous instant rewards. They need to be appreciated for being good citizens who exercise prudence in their money making decisions. With as little as QR 500 they get the chance to win exciting prizes. Also, the more they save the higher are their chances of even being eligible to win in the Al Dana Savings Scheme.

He went on to add: "We also believe that you necessitate a smart way of saving money as per your individual capacity, therefore we included the smart saver account that offers attractive compounded interest rates and insurance benefits to ensure that life’s uncertainties do not disturb your plans and ambitions. Also and as a topping to the flavor for every multiple of QR 10,000 you will automatically participate in the Al Dana Draw"

Doha Bank concluded the launch event by inviting everyone to explore the one of a kind Education Pack in Qatar by visiting any of its branches, or simply calling Hello Doha on 44456000.

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