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Doha Bank’s Tree Planting activity at Dukhan - 2015
(Plan and Plant for the Future)

The Tree Planting activity was conducted by Doha Bank staff at the Northeast Area of Doha Bank Dukhan Branch dated 18th April 2015 with a theme “Plan and Plant for the Future” to proactively support in saving the environment and promote a healthier ecosystem in the area.

Dedicated staff under the leadership of the Green Banking Task Force Committee and the Planet Savers Club of the Bank, joined hands together to plant various trees, shrubs and flower-bearing plants such as Phoenix Dactylifera, Conocarpus Trees, Ficus Altessima, ZizyphusSpina Christi, Delonix Regia, Citrus Lemon, Cassia Fistula, Cassia Javanica, Bougainvillea, Lantana, Deodonoea Viscosa, Tecoma Stans, etc.

Dr. R. Seetharaman Doha Bank Group CEO said, “As environmental advocates, setting an example to other institutions will inspire to make a difference in the society in order to create a positive impact to the environment for the future generation. We should encourage the green culture amongst ourselves whereby we have to aspire and inspire for a better future by promoting the eco-consciousness from within the organization towards the society.”

“We also aim to promote camaraderie, cooperation and awareness with a vision to protect nature and nurture its resources for the benefit of mankind. Leadership is the key to any make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen; which is also part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Banking vision for the noble cause of saving the environment,” Dr. R. Seetharaman added.

Planting of Trees is the theme of Earth Day for this year which will be held on the 22nd April 2015 whereby 10 million trees planned to be planted by the global community around the world. Doha Bank has accordingly organized the event to show its valuable support and commitment to the cause.

In line with this initiative, Doha Bank has also promoted the Green Accounts and e-Statements to reduce printing of physical bank statements which saved a lot of trees in the process; encouraging customers to shift to e-Statements to participate in this Green Banking drive. The ATMs also displays messages to discourage printing of receipts since account balances and confirmation can be sent through SMS instead. Moreover, Doha Bank also have Green Cards whereby 1% of customers spend will be donated to the Green cause, various workflows were also automated and various Paperless Banking initiatives implemented to save the trees.

A dedicated Green Banking website and ECO-Schools Programme website were published to facilitate on the Green Banking initiatives of the Bank. Furthermore, Tree Planting is also one of the pillars of our ECO-Schools Programme under the Environmental Health category whereby extending the Bank’s mission and vision to schools in Qatar to educate the school children on the importance of the environment.


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