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Doha Bank, Ministry of Environment and Wakra Municipality together in Beach Clean-up Campaign 2014

Doha Bank along with the Ministry of Environment and Wakra Municipality joined hands in the Beach Clean-up Campaign dated 15th November 2014 with a theme, “Save the Beaches for the Future”

Doha Bank looks into the importance of beaches in our environment and aims to increase awareness to the society to become responsible residents in the community; in the efforts to help save the marine life ecosystem.

The Government was cooperative in preserving the coastal shorelines with proper waste management system in place. It was a team effort event whereby participants were grouped into several teams to remove all the rubbish at their respective zones; taking into account the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste materials.

Doha Bank’s Green Banking Task Force Committee members, the Planet Savers Club comprised of in-house staff volunteers, Ministry of Environment and Wakra Municipality officials took leadership in the beach clean-up event.

Dr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO said that, “Doha Bank as leader in clean and green drives, will continue to initiate and proactively participate to increase awareness on eco-consciousness in order to make a difference in the environment and the society.”

Ministry of Environment said, “Doha Bank’s unwavering efforts to further the cause of Qatar’s clean and green campaign, serves as an example on how the institutions can support in the preservation of the environment.”

Wakra Municipality expressed its gratitude for this noble cause as their location was chosen for this beach clean-up event and will continue to support future activities for the benefit of the future generation.


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