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Doha Bank distributes ECO-Schools Awards to Environment-Friendly Schools in Qatar


Doha, 1st February 2014 - As part of its ongoing ECO-Schools programme, Doha Bank recently presented six schools in Qatar with awards to recognise their environment-friendly activities. The ECO-Schools Programme, which is organised and championed by Doha Bank, has almost completed its 3rd full year having been initiated in March 2011.

Held at Doha Bank Tower, the awards ceremony welcomed representatives of each winning school, including faculty and students, who were met by members of Doha Bank’s senior management team. The winners this year include Bhavan’s Public School, Pakistan Education Centre, Philippine School Doha, MES Indian School, Birla Public School, and Al Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent School.

Bhavan’s Public School won its award for a Waste Management project involving Composting. Pakistan Education Centre won the prize for an Upcycling project in the waste management awards category. Philippine School Doha won an award for Paper Recycling in the Waste Management category. MES Indian School also won an award for Waste Management. Birla Public School received its award for a project called Go Green. Al Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent School embarked on a Tree Planting project to pick up their award.

Doha Bank Group CEO, Dr. R. Seetharaman said on the occasion: “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contributes to sustainable development in the areas such as economic growth, social development and environmental consideration. Eco school is Doha bank’s initiative as part of CSR towards environmental consideration.Through the ECO-Schools programme, we are able to increase awareness of critical issues that impact our environment and encourage the youth of today to make positive changes that will change the way they live their lives in the future. Such grassroots awareness is a significant game changer and we are proud and honoured by the efforts of each student and educator that is dedicated to the programme. On behalf of Doha Bank, we congratulate everyone and encourage them to explore new projects and opportunities in 2014 that align with the Environmental pillar of Qatar Vision 2030, which is one of the most important aspects of the country’s direction for sustainable development.”

The ECO-Schools Process is very simple. Schools are asked to create a framework for student action and to make a commitment to the ECO-Schools Committee. Once approved, the schools implement the action plan; review and continue the process. The Committee later monitors the progress and awards ECO-Stars to successful schools and projects.

The ECO-Schools programme aims to encourage children to become environmental proponents and advocates at a young age and awards are distributed based on successfully completing active green projects that propagate the concept of eco-consciousness. The ECO-Schools Programme website works with educational institutions nationwide and entries for the current calendar of awards were received from schools all around Qatar.

The ECO-Schools award programme guides schools on sustainability initiatives and provides opportunities for them to explore various environmental concepts that can be implemented, improved, developed or retrofitted at their respective premises. Joining the ECO-Schools programme is free-of-charge, thus encouraging more schools’ involvement and participation.

During the awards ceremony, an impromptu Green Quiz was held and featuring questions related to the environment and sustainability, along with presentations on relevant topics. The Bank also distributed a number of Al Dana Young Savers Account prizes to the winning students to encourage them to start saving money at an early age.

As part of the event, Philippine School Doha (PSD) performed a musical interlude using bamboo and reed instruments. The students performed songs such as Paraiso and Heal the World. In addition, the students of Pakistan Education Centre performed a ‘Recycling’ dance focussing on proper waste management and its benefits. The Principal of Philippine School Doha, Dr. Alexander Acosta later addressed everyone and thanked the students for their efforts on behalf of all participating schools.

Doha Bank has been one of the leading advocates of green sustainability in the country and in line with its efforts, the Bank received the Golden Peacock Award for the fourth successive year. The Bank won Golden Peacock awards for Global Sustainability in 2013, for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2012 and 2011, as well as Sustainability in 2011 and 2010. Doha Bank is also the recipient of the award for Best Corporate Responsibility Programme in the Middle East 2012 from EMEA Finance magazine. The Bank also received awards for the Best Green Bank in 2008, Best Environmental Leadership 2010 and Best Public Awareness Campaign 2010 and 2009 from Qatar Today. The Bank also won the Green Systems Implementation of the Year - Arab Technology Awards 2010, among others accolades.

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